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Admission to Elsa Childcare is open to children ages 3 month to five years old.

  • Contact Us, check availability and set up an appointment for tour and interview.

  • To be considered, you must complete the enrollment application and include fee.

  • After receiving your application and enrollment fee, we will send you confirmation of your child’s enrollment. 


Child Care Enrollment

If you are interested in enrolling your child in my program, please check to see which opening are available. Due to a small group size We do not experience the high turnover. If there is no opening available please add your name to our waiting list. 


Kindly, Download Elsa Childcare parents handbook and be familiar with policies before your child’s first day of attendance. We will be happy to provide you copies of these forms if you are not able to download them. 

If we are full and there are no openings you can be added to our waiting list.

Please take time to download, print and complete the all the form below.


Waiting List

Waiting list is FREE, but in-order to reserve your child's position, a non-refundable deposit equal to one week's tuition must be received (this deposit will be credited as your childcare tuition) and an enrollment fee of $75.We can only hold a position (even with a deposit) for a maximum of one weeks. If you wish to ensure your child's position for longer than one week, you then will be responsible for the full weekly tuition. If we currently have an opening, and you wish to secure that position for a date further than 1 week in the future, we will offer you “right of first refusal” for that opening. This means that the opening will be reserved for your child, unless we have another party interested in the opening before the start date you planned on. At that point the decision will be yours, whether you wish to take financial responsibility for the position at that time or you may pass and allow the other interested party to take the opening. Otherwise, you may place yourself on our wait list, and we will notify you as positions become available. Exceptions include scenarios, where we have another child “moving up” in age, and opening a position for a younger child. Or if you are taking over the spot of a child who is leaving at a future time. In those cases a spot may be held for longer than 1 weeks with a deposit. We will let you know if this applies to you.


Notice of Termination

A month advance notice in writing is required to drop your child. Payment is required for that month even if the child is not here. Adequate advance notice is required to allow for prorating the last paid month of the child allowing the initial deposit to be applied to the child’s final 30 days. Written notice is accepted via email. Should a written notice be given on a weekend, holiday or scheduled break it will be accepted the following business day. A 30 day notice will begin the following day after it has been accepted. Elsa Childcare reserves the right to terminate any reason. A two-week notice will be given under unusual circumstances. However, we reserve the right to immediate termination of services under certain circumstances. (I.e. children who are a threat to others, non-payment, consistent biting, if we no longer able to meet the child’s need, etc..).

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